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A Global Voice for Autism brings together teams of autism professionals, trauma specialists and local community experts to train key community stakeholders to support and include children with autism and developmental disabilities in their communities. Because we have seen that trainees learn most effectively when they are also receiving the emotional and intellectual support they need, all training is coupled with parent and sibling support and self-development programming, community education, and inclusion advocacy training for relevant local stakeholders.  Using culturally sensitive, evidence-based materials designed specifically for communities with limited resources, A Global Voice for Autism disseminates techniques, networks and information that benefit children and their communities for years to come.

Founding Story

In 2012, our founder, Melissa Diamond, met the mother of a newly-diagnosed child with autism. After learning about her daughter’s diagnosis, the mother planned to hide her daughter at in her home in order to avoid the autism stigma in her community. Diamond has an autistic friend in the U.S. who is non-speaking, and was struck by how different her friend’s life might have been if she had been born in a community withour resources. A Global Voice for Autism was founded on the principle that ALL children should have access to education, community and support, no matter where they live.

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